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Texas Happy Camper
I-35W North of Burleson/ South of Ft. Worth, Fort Worth, TX   76101
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 32.637518   Longitude: -97.321408
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  Date of Service:   12/6/2007
  Work Done on:   Truck Campers
  Service Performed:   Fix Dometic refrigerator and winterize truck camper.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   They did find the problem with fridge. When I asked if there was any documentation they could help me with for warranty claims, was told it was my problem. Luckily all I had to do was email Bob Mehrer of Snowriver campers and he immediately sent a check to cover the fridge repair.

I found when picking it up that what was termed winterized consisted of opening the drain valve and pouring some antifreeze in the drains and draining the hot water heater. This was during some of the coldest weather in quite some time in Texas. I feel extremely lucky that no water lines busted as there was water left in the system. I could not get back to pick it up until February and I asked that they unhook the negative battery cables so the batteries would not completely discharge. The batteries were not disconnected and completely dead when I picked it up. I do not know how much the brand new 6 volt batteries were damaged but I used to get about 3 days of boondocking and now get 1. I also asked for my instructions I had left with them on recommendations for winterizing and guide to the water system. Was told they were filed with last years paperwork instead of getting them for me. I wrote the owner a letter letting him know just how poor I considered his companies customer service. I must give him credit for calling and leaving a message on my cell phone wanting to know what I wanted to make me a "happy camper". To be honest I had let him know exactly what I was unsatisfied with in my letter and he had offered nothing, I just wanted nothing else to do with this company. I will take my licks and try to warn others when the opportunity arises.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   8/26/2006
  Company Contact:   Jake- Service Manager/ Mike Johnson- Owner
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Installed 2nd A/C in bedroom and installed wiring with plug in side of trailer.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   The work was excellent, I have no complaints concerning workmanship or quality. I have not used the A/C extensively yet to ensure a lack of problems. The MAJOR issue is that my bill was higher ($35)than was agreed upon. I was told that the bill would be $110 for labor to install the wiring with no charge for installing the A/C (voluntarily, not by my request, I had planned to do it myself) and $25 for "parts required". I provided them a 50 foot roll of Romex wire and asked that they provide a Marinco receptacle inlet and matching plug. I showed them the list prices and part numbers from their website (together about $45) and asked if they could still do the job for $25 in parts. I was told "yes, we will do it for $25 parts and $110 labor plus sales tax (of course I knew plus tax). I was contacted the day before completion that they had to order the plugs and that they would be finished the next day and I planned to pick up that Saturday. When I showed up to pick up the coach I found the manager (whom I had dealt with) was absent and the gentleman who was present handed me the invoice; it was for $170 plus $5 tax. I asked why the bill was more than the $135 that I had authorized (in writing on the work order which I got a copy of). He stated that he didn't know and that he didn't have the authority to change it, but that he couldn't let me take my trailer without receiving payment in full. He noted that they had purchased a power cable to install the plug on (which I had NOT asked for, I had another cable I was planning to use) that cost $20. This still left a $15 overcharge and the issue that they had charged me more without my approval or wasted my time to come pick it up. I feel that this is a basic case of "Bait and Switch" where the manager baited me by promising installation at one price and then left an invoice higher than that expecting me to just pay it and leave quietly and be happy about getting it done "so cheaply". Sorry, but if it was going to cost $170, then he should have said so up front. I feel particularly offended by this because I have had major issues with this service department in the past and was assured by the owner that this new manager had replaced the entire staff and was very up front and honest with the customers and much more pleasant and customer oriented than the people I had the bad experiences with before. I did pay the bill because it was less than the extra expense and trouble than leaving and having to come back and fight it later. I asked that the manager call me to discuss the extra charges. He did contact me the next Monday morning. His comments were that "I gave you two hours labor for $110 which is one hour's charge" and "You have a bad taste in your mouth for us because of your bad experience here before and I will never be able to satisfy you, after we fulfill our warranty obligations to you I never want to see your coach in my lot again" I stated that I agree that they will never see me after the warranty is up (I will be contacting the owner and manufacturer (Coachmen) to set up an alternate repair facility due to this hostile environment which I choose to not revisit again) and also added that I could have been satisfied easily if they had just been honest. This is the worst part: when I dropped off the trailer, the manager gave me this big speech about how he is so honest with people that "sometimes they (customers) don't like to hear from me because I just tell them the truth, even when it's not what they want to hear, I just tell it how it is". Unbelievable, I hate it that I fell for that, but I really wanted to believe that they had changed and that I could trust them to repair the unit well and within the price that we agreed upon. The repair was done well and I can not even see where they worked and the unit operates properly, the issue is dishonesty and trickery in their business practices. I strongly suggest that anyone needing service in the Fort Worth area avoid the Texas Happy Camper on I-35W south of Ft Worth.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Good

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