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Seacoast RV Sales and Service, Inc.
729 Portland Rd, Saco, ME   04072
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 43.521050   Longitude: -70.427480
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  Date of Service:   10/26/2020
  Company Contact:   Carl Carlson
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Replace brake assemblies on tandem axle trailer.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT! If you value your safety
and quality service, stay away from this place. I
brought my travel trailer in for axle service.
(brakes, bearings, etc.) Was advised that entire
brake assemblies, drums, and bearings needed to be
replaced. Upon picking up the trailer, the brakes
barely worked. Tech could not explain it and said
they would contact manufacturer of the brakes for
help. After another week, I got a call saying all was
working properly. Again, picked up the trailer but
checked the brakes in their lot. Still not working
properly. Brakes would not lock up with full
controller output. Service manager brought in the
former owner of the place who insisted that brakes not
able to lock up was "very common." That is probably
true for work done here. However, brakes always were
able to lock up on my trailer. They would not do
anything further so I took the trailer home. Went to
another service place to see what they thought. After
2 hours they called and all was now good, brakes able
to be locked up with full controller output. They
said the previous service place did not do the
burnishing of the brakes which is the last step of a
brake service as stated by the brake manufacturer
(Dexter). As an additional point, they also told me
that, of the 20 lug bolts on my 4 wheels, 8 were only
finger tight, 8 more barely tightened, and only 4
torqued to Dexter spec. Yet another dangerous
condition as delivered by Seacoast RVs.

Further, the service tech jacked up the trailer by
placing the jack under the axle which is specifically
advised against by Dexter as there is danger of
bending the axle which will affect wheel alignment and
tire wear. Again, poor shop practice.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   7/13/2020
  Company Contact:   Kenny Blow
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   2004 Gulfstream Crescendo Class A.
Love the coach, hate Seacoast RV
Sales and Service in Saco, Maine.
It has been on their lot for 8 weeks
from 7/12/20 thru 9/18/20 and
everything they touched they either
did it wrong or not to my
satisfaction. Overpriced ($4,700
for 6 Michelin XRV 255/80R22.5) that
are "new" tires manufactured 2 1/2
years ago. They refused to
acknowledge my concern and said they
never had any complaints. They
replaced a cab side mounted CB
antenna when I wrote down "no local
channels on roof mounted TV
antenna". Ice maker didn't work
after they "replaced it" with a
"new" one. After taking it back a
2nd time they exercised poor
attention to detail by installing
cover upside down. They replaced
front thermostat instead of rear to
repair the rear A/C from not working
so I had to return it for them to
replace the correct thermostat.
They left a mess on the floor 3
times that I attempted to pick it
up. On 1 occasion, three times I
was told it was ready to pick up and
each time when I called to say I was
on my way they wanted "another day
to ensure all systems are working",
the most annoying was when I had
driven 45 minutes into the hour long
drive and received a call saying
they wanted another day. They
noted on workorder "batteries check
out OK" but both times when I
attempted to pick it up they were so
dead that the steps wouldn't
retract. They installed hub caps
wrong so that the stem isn't in the
correct enlarged opening. When they
investigated my TV antenna problem
(for the 2nd time) they put in a
splice 2 feet away from the main
connection instead of replacing the
entire 2 foot. Not to mention a
Service Manager who says I'm
sarcastic and condescending and an
Owner who threatens me with libel
because I claimed that he in fact
did not replace parts for which he
billed me for (wrong thermostat) and
did not make the requested repairs
the 1st time, etc. I still have no
TV channels and no heat in the
bedroom, but I will not be returning
it to them.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Very poor workmanship. No attention
to detail. Failure to follow
instructions. Inability to
understand basic requests. Friendly
customer service until you point out
their inferior workmanship then you
get threats from the owner and
Service Manager.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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