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National Indoor RV Center
1350 Hurricane Shoals Rd NE, Lawrenceville, GA   30043
(770) 979-4051
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 33.988725   Longitude: -83.948332
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  Date of Service:   3/18/2019
  Company Contact:   Chris Liseo
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   List of repairs
1: replace leaking hydraulic solenoid
2: repair panel rear passenger cargo door
3: Help with WiFi
4: Check chassis batteries after service
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   RV Service Evaluation: NIRVC Atlanta
Scheduled appointment (also included a video
describing where the leak was occurring and which
cylinder/solenoid was needed in advance of
appointment. We copied Newmar service on this. We
arrived on Sunday 03/17/19 and camping overnight in
parking lot with electric

Monday 03/18/19
8AM we found our service advisor�s (Ashley Breaux)
office and waited for her arrival.
8:15am: talked to service advisor. She explained she
was down to one Tech but would get to us as soon as
possible. She explained that he was a very good
9:33am: A delivery tech showed up to take our coach
back. We placed a cone in our spot to save it. Lot
was full
I went inside to talk to service advisor. She was
able to have the part shipped in from Newmar (from
looking at video) and should not take that long to
get us done. Will advise progress.
11:45am: talked to service advisor and she was
hoping to be done after lunch. I explained we were
going to go out for lunch and would check in with
her when we get back.
1:15pm Got a call from Service advisor. Part shipped
from Newmar was the wrong part, however she could
have one shipped overnight via FedEx. She suggested
taking off rear panel for repair and putting
everything back together on Tuesday once she gets
the part from Newmar.
4:pm They brought the coach back out; however, it
took about 45 minutes to find us a place to park.
Our place with the cone was taken. Found us a place
in between some new coaches and got us hooked up.
5:15pm We noticed there was an issue with the power.
Discovered that we only had power on one leg of the
220 volt 50amp shore power. I was able to plug up to
an adjacent panel with no problems. My surge
protection unit had shut us down when the error was
Tuesday 03/19/19
8am: Went by service advisor and she explained she
would call me as soon as parts arrive
11:15am was approached by another service advisor
who saw us and asked could he help. He looked on
computer and discovered that the part had come in.
11:30am: A delivery tech came to get the coach.
1:15pm Service Advisor (Ashely Breaux) explained
that she had to leave for a doctor�s appointment but
that the service advisor at the end of the hall
would take care of me.
2:00pm: The new service advisor (did not get his
name) came and told me the coach was repaired and
ready to go. They had it out front. No paperwork was
needed as I was under warranty. I received no
paperwork, was told that it would be send to me by
2:03pm: I went out to look at coach. The first thing
I did was to inspect the rear cargo door. I noticed
that the support arm was not connected.
2:05pm I went to the same service advisor to inform
him of this.
2:10pm 2 techs (a think one was named Jim) came out
to look.
They apologized and reattached the arm to the door.
2:20pm I tried to start the coach and it was very
sluggish to start. I went back inside to the same
service advisor and he sent the techs back out to
look at it.
They took it back to garage to do a load test on
2:40pm: Tech brought the coach back out and said it
was ok. The load test showed that both batteries
were good. They just had it unplugged too long.
3:15pm: We hooked up the tow vehicle and left the
dealership to go home.

After Service Inspection/Evaluation: Note: Motor
Coach is kept in a climate-controlled garage.
I took the coach out of the garage for washing. I
had unhooked the 50amp electric before starting the
coach. Once again it was very hard to start. After
getting it cleaned up and back in the garage, I
opened the rear cargo door (the same door that was
repaired and that houses the chassis batteries) It
fell down (not off) to the bottom part of the hinge.
Careful inspection showed the retaining rings on the
bottom of the bushing were missing. The door was
never reinstalled properly. I was able to find the
properly sized rings at a Lowes Home Improvement
store. I reinstalled the door. The door support arm
cylinder bracket was bent from the door falling. We
removed it, bent it back and reattached it. It now
works correctly.
I called Newmar and they connected me to Spartan
Chassis They had me do a basic battery check. When
starting the coach unplugged it was showing a very
low voltage (dropping down to 6.9vdc per
silverleaf). They recommend me taking the batteries
out and having them load tested. I had the batteries
load tested at the local Advance Auto. It showed
that one of the batteries had a bad cell. I replaced
both batteries and that solved the problem. It would
seem a proper load test was never done at the
Next, we tested the hydraulics while looking for
leaks in the solenoid area. No leaks were found. The
hydraulic fluid level was about a quart low. I
checked with Newmar to fill it to the recommended

Communication Skills:
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Customer kept informed of repairs:
Facility Appearance
Cost of service
N/A warranty

Appearance of coach after service
Customer Lounge:
Service completed correctly

Follow-up by Service department

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Response from Dealer: April 12/2019

Thank you for sharing this with me, it is one of the
most in depth evaluations I have been able to review
along with actually visualizing your entire
experience while in service. I can hand pick a few
parts of this that cause concern for me and what I
am going to do is share with our new (as of
yesterday) service manager to see if his thoughts
are on the same page. May I have him call you to
discuss this further? I apologize for the lack of
getting specific items addressed as it looks like
they were blatantly pointed out prior to your
departure. I�m unsure of who worked on which
components however a proper review of the repair
orders will allow us to look this over. Also, did
you ever receive the email of service records? If
not, that needs to be rectified.

Again, I appreciate you sharing this with me. It
will help me and allow me to discuss it with the
right parties across different departments.

Best Regards,

Chris Liseo
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]

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