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Holman Motors RV
4837 Elick Lane, Batavia, OH   45103
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 39.0927873   Longitude: -84.2457316
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  Date of Service:   7/15/2020
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Overall service special $2500. I have an inch of dust on the contacts
and water fills. No one touched these batteries and by the way they
installed a real up electric cable. Now I donít get charging or power to
coach. Iím not sure about these folks. They came recommended. I
will withhold removing this till corrected.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Overall I had $12.000.00 work provided and rationally think I did not
receive value for my dollar.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   10/19/2018
  Company Contact:   Eric Holman
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Installed a new powered Main Awning damaged in a
storm. Paid by an insurance claim
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   We agreed to purchase a 2005 Scepter from the owner
in September 2019. The motorhome was at an RV
Dealer at the time waiting for a new Carefree of
Colorado power awning that was being replaced by
insurance since it was damaged in a storm. It was
at the dealer for almost 2 months before they
finished the awning. We held off completing the
purchase until after the main awning was done since
it was an insurance claim and we did not feel it was
best to change ownership in the middle of an
insurance claim. When we took possession of the
motorhome the awning did go in and out as it should.
We tried to get it to autoclose with motion sensor
several times over the winter while we were
traveling but it never did. This summer again we
tried to get it to autoclose but it would not close.
I started to do research and determined that the RV
dealer did not install the new control box and
control panel that came with the awning. The cable
for the motion sensor was coiled up by the old
control box and not plugged in. This research was
with Carefree of Colorado, the Insurance adjuster
and previous owner. RV Dealer said the motion
sensor worked when it left there. RV Dealer said
all parts shipped with the awning where installed.
RV Dealer said the Insurance adjuster denied them to
install the new control box and panel. RV Dealer
said they gave the control box and panel to the
owner. RV Dealer said they wired around the control
box to get the motion sensor to work. All
statements by the RV Dealer have been determined to
be false. Carefree of Colorado was VERY helpful.
Carefree provided documentation showing the control
box and panel were with the awning when it was
shipped (all awnings are shipped with the parts to
make them run), Carefree verified the parts in the
motorhome are the old parts. The Insurance Adjuster
said nothing was denied on the claim. The owner
said he received no extra parts from the RV Dealer
when he picked up the motorhome. The Owner of the
RV Dealer said he would do nothing. You will notice
the RV Dealer contradicted themselves. This is just
a small part of the conversation with the RV Dealer.
End result is that the RV Dealer was paid to install
the awning (including the parts to make it operate
properly) and they did not. They took money from
the insurance company and did not complete the work.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   2/1/2018
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Add slide covers, fix inside slide seals, install heavy
duty shackle kit.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Let me first start by saying I swore I'd never come to
this dealer again in a previous review, but I'm very
limited due to my camper size. I had previously had
work done at this dealership and had one of the worst
experiences of my life, I however decided maybe it was
a perfect storm and I'd give them one last shot. This
time when I took my camper down I spoke with my service
writer and gave him detailed notes of what I wanted.
The camper was dropped off on December 2nd 2017 as per
the appointment they had me scheduled for, the repairs
were not completed until February 12th 2018! When I
picked my camper up we noticed they had installed slide
covers we had not requested. My wife called the
service writer and he explained that these were the
covers they installed on all campers and had not had
any issues with them. She explained that although that
was great it wasn't what we requested and were quoted
on. The service writer explained that they would have
to call us back the following Monday after doing some
investigation, when they called back they explained
that the covers we requested were going to be an
additional 600 dollars and we needed to bring the
camper back down for them to re-work. She explained
this would not be acceptable as we had discussed and
been quoted on what we originally wanted. After
getting the service manager involved they decided to
replace with what we wanted for no additional charge.
We are about an hour from this dealer, so now we have
to take the camper back to the dealer and hope that
they install the correct parts as requested and in a
timely manner as we are leaving for a trip in two
weeks. I can honestly say every time we have been here
for service we have left feeling like nobody cares
about anything other than the thousands of dollars we
have spent.
  Value of Service:   Fair
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   3/1/2016
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Very disappointed in this dealership! I spent 65k on
a Toy Hauler and the sales aspect was very nice and
easy, however service is a very different departmentÖ
I had issues with one of my slides, I took my RV down
for service and was told they were about two weeks out
(which was not a problem) when I was contacted by
service about two weeks later stating I had an issue
that was going to cost 4,600.00 (non-warranty item) to
fix I was given nothing but a run around. My service
writer not only lied bold face to my wife while trying
to figure out if they could do any better on the fix
price,(stating he had already had conversations with
me, that never occurred) he would not communicate as HE
promised. We were told we would receive calls
confirming pricing, or estimated dates and never
received return calls as promised. I admit that we
were very ready to just know what the fix was going to
cost so we could simply ok the fix and move on thus
being slightly impatient, however when we were told we
would receive calls and never did I felt like we were
begging Holman to take nearly 5k from us. Only after a
rather heated conversation with my service writer did
he confirm the price is what the price is. At that
point I decided Iíd spend my money with someone who was
more concerned about me as a customer for the future
and not a number to the bottom line. To top this off
when I showed up to pick up my camper to take it to
another service provider I was informed it was hit by
another camper in their lot! At that point I was held
hostage by the damage they had to repair on their own.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Iím very disappointed that we were not able to build a
good working relationship with this dealer and can
honestly say that service has definitely lost a future
sale for this dealership, as well I will avoid them like
the plague when it comes to service in the future.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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