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Chaz RV and Auto Repair
214 SE Walnut St, Hillsboro, OR   97123
503 844-2900
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 45.5172852   Longitude: -122.9875833
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  Date of Service:   7/28/2015
  Company Contact:   Charles Hedrick
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   July 13, called Chaz RV & Auto Repair based on a referral spoke to the owner Chaz - Charles Hedrick about needing repair on my RV sewer system. The
system was malfunctioning and the sewer water spewed out all over when you tried to dump it. Chaz told me he was very busy and had 27 RV's in his yard
ahead of us and that the soonest we could get an appointment was July 28 at 8:00am. We accepted the appointment time.

We arrived 7:30am at Chaz RV & Auto Repair, after checking and asking where to park our 45' motorhome, we were directed to a dirt lot off to the side of
the shop about 120 feet away. At 9:00am mechanic Calvin walked out with a clipboard to look at the work area on the side or our coach. He laid the
clipboard on the ground and never wrote a thing on it. The mechanic walked 120 feet into the shop and got an electric screwdriver. Back to the coach to
open the plumbing panel. It turned out that a major piece of the connecting valve had broken. I said looks like we'll have to replace the broken part that
held the ABS elbow to the gate valve. The mechanic said "NAH" I can glue it and also glue the other end that came out. I said "are you sure" mechanic said
"that's what I'd do if it was mine. I said "you're the technician you should know." By then a young blonde girl came around and told me that I couldn't be
anywhere around the work area because of insurance. I said can I stand out here and watch, she said NO you can't be anywhere around the work.

Anyhow after dozens of more 120 foot walks to get tools and GLUE, the job was deemed complete at 11:50am. I asked the mechanic if I could dump the
tanks without effecting the glue. He said yes the glue dried almost immediately. I asked a second mechanic that was there the same question and he
agreed with Calvin that the glue was already dry and that I could dump the tanks. I went into the shop office to pay the bill. The blonde girl was also the
bookkeeper. She was on the computer putting in the details of the job. She said did you furnish all the parts. I said no, there were no parts just the glue.

She presented me with a bill for $315.00 for 3.50 hours labor. (2 hours walking 1 hour work) I looked at the bill and said that seems high. I didn't think
they worked three hours. She said the mechanic started at 9:00 and finished at 12:00. I said, how do you get 3.50 hours if he worked only 3 hours 9 to 12.
Looking at the office clock, I said it's just now 12:00. She seemed confused and went back to the computer with more entries and came up with 3 hours
labor for $300.00 reducing the bill 1/2 hour and $15.00. I said if that's the case your labor is only $30.00 per hour and the bill should be $90.00 for the 3
hours. Confused look again on the bookkeeper, more entries on the computer and came up with $270.00 and said "does that make you happy?" I said no
but gave her my credit card HAPPY to get out of there.

Left Chaz RV Repair and went 3 miles directly to the Unified RV Dump Station. When I activated the dump controls to allow the waste material to go down
the 3" tube the collector, toilet waste water went all over every where including me. After cleaning up, I immediately called Chaz RV Repair to report the
results of their non-repair. The blonde girl answered the phone and when I asked for the owner I was told he wasn't there. She wanted to know what MY
PROBLEM was and that there was no one else to speak to but her. I told her the problem. She started screaming at me that I shouldn't have come there with
waste water in the tanks, it was against the law for them to work on RV's with waste water in the tanks . Then she implied that it was my fault because I
didn't let the glue dry. I told her that both mechanics said the glue was already dry and that I could dump the tanks. I asked how they tested their work if
they didn't put anything in the tanks. She said "we warranty all of our work that I was to come back in."

I told her I would order the parts I knew were needed to do the job correctly without glue and would be back the next morning July 29th. Arrived at 9:50am
July 29th after picking up the correct parts for the job, let the blonde girl know I was there, she said the mechanic would be with us in a few moments.
11:05am I went into the shop and found the owner Chaz and told him that we were waiting since 10:00am. Chaz had the mechanic go out to my coach to
review the problem, and started on again off again on the job. I asked when he thought he might be finished, he replied "around 4:00". We got out of there
at 3:00.


We've traveled from Portland Oregon, 460 miles to Sausalito Calif. to arrive at a RV Resort. Upon plugging in the motorhome electric and fresh water hose, I
noticed water dripping from the newly repaired sewer line. I placed a container under the line and open a small fitting and GRAY waste water flowed out. I
capped off the sewer line and got a larger bucket. Opened the sewer and out came the gray waste water. Obviously the Gray water valve was damaged by
their GLUE and continued to leak. They didn't bother to check the repair because they had no water system to put water into our tanks to make sure their
repaired worked.

Checked several other RV repair places about the same repair, they all said, they would NEVER used GLUE in that area to make a repair because of the
waste water pressure. They would replace the fittings. We feel fortunate to have escaped without more damage than we arrived with.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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