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Chesaco RV
842 MD Route 3N, Gambrills, MD   21054
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 39.0426915   Longitude: -76.6693591
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  Date of Service:   8/31/2019
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   In Late Dec of 18 come back to find my motorhome without
power I immediately contact the mfgr who worked with me
to find an "authorized and recommended" dealer to take
the MH to. I emphasize the need for expeditious turn
around due to my living conditions. They direct me to
Chesaco RV in Gambrills MD. I call them to set up a drop
off date. Mind you this is January, 2019. I am told the
EARLIEST drop off time will be March since they are
backed up and don't have the ability to hold a unit. I am
forced to rent a storage lot. March comes and I contact
Chesaco to confirm my appt one week out. I am told they
cannot take me and that it will be around another month.
March comes and I finally bring it in. I describe the
issue, and also let them know that the heating pad from
one of the holding tanks has come loose and that there
are gouges in the floor caused by something in the slide.
"No problem". I request a weekly check in/update call. I
contact my insurance company in case a total loss claim
has to be made due to possible irreparable damage to the
unit internal electrical system. Insurance relates they
will send out an adjuster to Chesaco RV. No calls the
first and second week. I call on the third week, several
times as no one returns my calls or is willing to give me
an update. June passes. Calls to the manufacturer to
intervene amount to nothing. Insurance company calls and
relates they were denied entry onto the property to
inspect the MH. They relate they will continue to try.
First week of July as I am driving up to OH I have a
heated discussion with one of the managers. I relate I am
not being kept in the loop as to why it is such a problem
to get feedback. At this point he tells me the only
thing they are waiting on is the heating pad and that all
other things are fixed. July passes with no updates or
call backs. My wife even calls and and is told if the
service is so bad come and get your RV. Calls to the
manufacturer to intervene do nothing. August passes..
Waiting for me is a registered mail that when I open it
is a letter from Chesaco RV. It relates that my motorhome
is at risk of being auctioned off and that I am liable
for storage fees amounting to well over $1000.00. I have
to take off the very next day for another assignment.
There I contact the HQ of Chesaco and seem to make
headway with a regional manager and his secretary who
does a good job at downplaying the entire incident. But I
never get a call back. I attempt to call Chesaco in
Gambrills and interestingly when I ask to speak to a
manager the secretary asks who I am, I tell her, she says
"Oh" and I am hung up on. This occurs two more times and
then my phone calls are not even picked up. Halfway
through my work assignment a manager calls me and coldly
relates that I can come and pick up my RV without any
charges. They just want my RV off their lot and relate
they are simply not going to repair it due to my
"attitude". He related he told my wife to come and pick
up the RV and since we didn't they were going to auction
it off. Other than the registered mail I received I did
not receive one, not one other form of correspondence
telling me this. Late Sep 19, I get back from assignment,
take time off get to Chesaco to pick up my unit. Upon
arrival I am treated like absolute trash. My unit is
driven out to me and I am told to vacate the premises. My
rear driver side tire is visibly low, my check engine
light is on and there is absolutely no paperwork given to
me regarding any work done or not done. NOTHING. I
requested to have my tire inflated as it has to be unsafe
to drive the 30 miles to the new repair location. They
refuse and call the police to report me. Being LE myself
I am not concerned so I pull out my little portable
inflator and comence to filling up my rear tires. No
record of the time or effort or lack thereof regarding my
unit which has been there for almost SEVEN MONTHS!!!!! It
as if it never happened. Chesaco RV in Gambrills MD is
the worse, I beg folks not to to give them your business.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Absolutely the poorest service, mechanical or otherwise,
I have ever encountered.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   4/19/2016
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Pre-Scheduled service was canceled due to lack of service technicians. They did not call, or inform us that they canceled our scheduled service, we found out
after showing up for our scheduled service. We could /did not re-schedule. We are having electrical trouble with the "ATWOOD Furnace"
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   No work done, avoid this place, do not use this RV dealer
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   10/12/2015
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Warranty and non-warranty repairs
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Before storing the trailer for the winter there were repairs that needed to be done, both warranty and cost to me, and also winterizing. My concern was
that the warranty work needed to be completed before the warranty time ran out at the end of the year. I called Prime Time Travel Trailers, the
manufacturer of my Crusader, and they recommended Chesaco RV in Gambrills, MD. The following is a letter I mailed to Prime Time with a copy to Mr.
Steve Shapiro, President and owner of Chesaco.

Dear Sirs,
Our experience with one of your Prime Time dealers in Gambrills, MD, Chesaco RV is as follows;
- I called on 10/9/15 and was told by Ms. C. Adams, Service Secretary, to bring the unit in on 10/29 I brought my Crusader in on 10/28 with a list of
repairs and parts needed, both charge and warranty.
- On 11/2 I met with Carroll, the service writer, and he told me that the trailer would be in for service on 11/3.
- On 11/5 I met with Mr. Tenney, service manager, to check on the progress of the unit and He told me the unit would be in shop on 11/6 or 11/9
- On 11/9 and 11/11 I called Carroll, but he never returned my calls.
- On 11/12 left message for Mr. Steve Shapiro, President and owner of Chesaco, but he never Returned my call.
- On 11/13 I called and spoke with Mr. Brown, branch manager, who said he would try to find out what the problem was in the service dept. and call me
back with a progress report. NO Call back!
- On 11/20 Ms. Adams said she would send parts list to Prime Time and call me back.
- On 11/21 I stopped by and spoke with Ms. Adams to see if parts had been ordered. She said she had ordered them. I called Roger at Prime Time, and
he said he was waiting for Ms. Adams to submit the order. I had emailed Roger a list of parts that were needed. He called Ms. Adams trying to get her to
place the order.
- Parts arrived at Chesaco on 12/7, and Ms. Adams said, we will try to finish the unit by 12/11. I told her, for the second time, that I wanted to be there
when the wheels were packed.
- On 12/10 at 11:30, I spoke to Ms. Adams again, and she said they were starting to work on the unit. I told her, again, that I wanted to be there when the
wheels were to be packed. I went back to the shop at 5pm to see when they were going to pack the wheels because I wanted to watch to make sure that it
was done properly. At that time Ms. Adams said it had already been done, even though I had requested 3 times that I wanted to be there when it was
being done.
- On 12/11 at 2pm, I picked up the unit. As I pulled out of the lot water poured out of the hot water heater, which was supposed to have been winterized.
Im not sure at this point what was really done and what was winterized.

My intention here with this letter is three-fold;
1) Compliment Prime Time on their employees, namely Roger and Rick in Customer Service, who went above and beyond in making owning a Crusader a
2) To Mr. Shapiro, to help him improve his service dept. namely Ms. Adams who should never be allowed to interact with his customers. She has no idea of
service or the trouble she creates. I have since spoken with other RVers who have had the same experience.
3) My suggestion to Prime Time would be to drop this dealer immediately! They are creating more bad will for your company and the quality of your
product than you can over come.

To recap this whole situation - from day one they never once gave me a straight or honest answer to any question or situation.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   7/25/2013
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Please read complaint letter mailed to Chesaco RV Corp office:

We as customers of your company would like to share our nightmare story with you. We do understand that you are the largest dealership in the
state of Maryland when it comes to RVs, campers etc. and it should give customers the best customer experience too. But in this case it didn't. Let
us try to tell you what happened in our case.

Back in July 2013 we started to look around for our first camper/travel trailer. We contacted your store in Joppa, MD where we did meet a great
salesman, who took care of our needs. Unfortunately at that time Chesaco RV didn't have a travel trailer which would fit our needs. We also
contacted the store location in Gambrills, MD and provided them with our contact information, in case they would have something which we could
use. It didn't take long for that location to call us back and let us know that they would have a travel trailer for us, with the exact requirements we
were looking for.

Since we were dealing with the Joppa store first and we didn't wanted to transfer a sale from the store to Gambrills, we asked Joppa to handle this
sale from start to end. Unfortunately the sales man in Joppa went on vacation while this whole deal took place.

From this point on all our problems started. Since the trusted contact with your company were not available to us, we asked to have the whole sale
transferred to Gambrills, MD. To our surprise we found out, that this was only making matters worse. The person who was in charge of financing
in Joppa, apparently were still involved and caused the sale to fail. All paperwork was signed in Gambrills, but we as customers, didn't know that
they were transferred to Joppa to be finalized. The first loan application was initially approved but later denied. The bank kept the original loan
application, and requested that we as customers should sign a new loan application, which were approved. In this process your financing guy
didn't change to date of first possession of our trailer to the bank, but kept the old date on the application which was denied. We were also given
the information that the bank destroyed the original application, which were not true. The bank had the document all the time, but since your
finance guy didn't ask for it, but told us lies instead, it caused a lot of mistrust. We as customers of the bank had to call them to ask for the
original document, which we then asked the sales man in Gambrills to get for us. We now have a monthly due date on our loan, which are
different from when we took possession of our new camper. Normally a new loan have 30 days until the first installment is due. We were given
less than 3 weeks. And since we didn't get any loan documents from Chesaco RV, we had to make the first installment in your location in Joppa.
Suddenly out of the blue we receive a phone call from the bank, who are letting us know that our first payment are more than 30 days late. How
can that be, when we make the payment to you as requested by the same finance guy in Joppa and signed by him? How can Chesaco RV possible
keep customers payments passed 30 days to screw up their credit, screw up their trust without accepting responsibility and provide proper
business etiquette instead of lies? We as customers of the Joppa location had at this time lost any trust, confidence and would not at any
circumstance do business with that location except for service.

In the process of buying a travel trailer from you we asked if we could contact any of your 3 locations to schedule service in case repair or service
was needed. We were given the answer that it should be possible for us to do that. Finally some great news, but again Chesaco RV didn't follow
through. After the first time camping we found out that the kitchen plumbing was leaking. It was urgent that we needed an emergency repair to
our trailer before it would be ruined of water damage. To our big surprise when we tried to schedule this urgent repair in Joppa, we were given the
information that Joppa didn't accept service for RVs which was sold at the other Chesaco RV locations. This repair and service option was the deal
breaker, since we didn't have to haul our camper over the key bridge or through the tunnels in Baltimore to get service. It was only after a
manager in Joppa got involved that the answer about service changed. All of a sudden we could now schedule service in Joppa,, but we would be
last in line. Really, is that a way to treat new customers with an emergency repair, to tell us that we had to wait several months and not be able to
go camping all summer because of the flaws in our brand new travel trailer?

Again we had to contact the Gambrills location and ask them for the service that we needed so bad. Again it cost us toll fees to haul our camper to
Gambrills because of your lies and failure to provide service for your customers on an equal basis at any of your 3 locations in Maryland. At this
time we have spent more than $130 in tolls because of all the misunderstandings.

Last we would like to address how your service department fails to provide service on a new camper purchased with your company. On the day
where we would pick up our new camper, we would be a part of a walk through, where things which would require service, would be found and a
plan for repair/service would be made. A major thing in this new camper had to be repaired/exchanged. It was a cabinet face which was broken
from the manufacturer. This item was written down amongst other things which had to be looked at. This walk through took place in July 2013.
We agreed upon that this item could be changed at the end of season so we wouldn't have to have to miss out on camping. We were provided with
an estimate of 2 months for the parts to show up. We did haul our camper to the Gambrills location on December 11th 2013 and they still have
our camper and still no part from the manufacturer.

First question to you would be, why was this cabinet not ordered either on or a few days after purchase? We also understand that Chesaco RV in
Gambrills had some manpower problems at that time, which meant that this cabinet was not ordered. When the new person in charge for these
warranty repairs was settled in, we were told that she ordered a wrong item like a cabinet door instead of the cabinet itself? And why is it so
difficult to get a straight answer about the time it will take to finish up these repairs? Remember it is your customers property, you take time
aways from us, to go camping under warmer skies by not providing solutions to us. We are being provided nothing but poor excuses from
Chesaco RV instead of solutions. Your service department had more than 6 months to get this right. So now we lost all trust in this location also.
We have an extended warranty on our camper with Chesaco RV, but where do we go for service, since we are getting this treatment by Chesaco RV
no matter where we go? In case Chesaco RV provides answers like, its company policies, please provide written copies of these policies, just to
verify that we are all on the same page.

So let us recap this in a shorter version. Lies, incorrect information, misunderstandings, expenses for hauling camper for service, which we as
customers should never have had, service times extending more than 6 months, no service at the Joppa location and to finish it up more lies. What
will Chesaco RV offer to solve this situation? At this time an excuse is not even enough to change this.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Not completed after 6 months.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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