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American Towing
2142 Dupont Pkwy, Middletown, DE   19709
302-464-1078 302-444-1305
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 39.527617   Longitude: -75.648667
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  Date of Service:   8/10/2011
  Company Contact:   Chuck
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Initial work requested was the installation of 2 switches on a auto park brake. Also to make sure the auto park brake was working properly. After installation of the switches and a test ride by Chuck he states that the brakes needed adjusting. Chuck also stated that the dash A/C was not as cold as it should be and that he could flush and recharge it. My gas generator had not been working properly so I asked him if he worked on them. Chuck said that he indeed worked on generators. I asked him to take a look at it.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Chuck had my motorhome from July 21, 2011 to August 10, 2011. When I picked up the motorhome Chuck stated that the front end was dry. He stated that he lubed the chassis and re-packed the front wheels and flushed and re-charged the dash A/C. Chuck stated he did an oil change. He also stated that he did a generator maintainance, oil change, oil filter change, replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump.
After picking up the motorhome I started the generator. It ran for 10-15 minutes and stopped. Just like it had been doing when I took it to American Towing. I opened the generator compartment and the air filter and it's assembly was missing. I looked under the generator and saw no disturbance of dust and dirt indicating that the oil plug had been removed to change the oil. I looked under the motorhome and the chassis zirks had grease on them. There was no visable indication that the front wheels had been re-packed as in no dust or dirt had been disturbed. I did see a clean oil filter. The oil pan looked like it had been wipped with an oily rag. Checked the chassis engine oil and it looked good but at this point I was questioning whether it had really been changed. With the generator I could not see the new fuel pump and filter. No old parts were returned to me. The oil access was still dusty and dirty. At this point I was questioning what had been done and what was not done. Of course I was being charged for everything whether done or not. All charges on the repair order were in even dollar amounts. That did not immediately send up a red flag but upon further thought I wondered why there were no "cents" on any of the parts. At this point I was questioning everything done or not done. Decided that American Towing was never again to touch my motorhome. I did go back and tell Chuck that they had fogotten to put my generator air filter back on. One of the mechanics came out with my air filter(that was so dirty it was black) and the metal holder assembly. I watched the mechanic put the filter on and then he wondered where the wingnut was that holds it on. He had to go find a nut to put on it. When I told him it still does not stay running he was going to take a look at it but I said no and closed up the generator compartment. This guy, "Chuck the owner" is a smooth talker and acts like your friend. Do not go to him for anything. His service is worse than poor.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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