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RV World LLC
4401 East Prospect, Fort Collins, CO   80525
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 40.566407   Longitude: -104.995469
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  Date of Service:   7/25/2018
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Repairs to TV wiring and slides
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Our family has been using RV World for various work
on multiple RV�s for many with satisfaction on most
accounts. We even provided pest services to this
company for many years as PestRite & RiteCorp as
well as purchased RV antifreeze for many years for
our large spray rigs. Never did we have any problems
and if we did they were resolved by both sides.

Unfortunately that was not the case on or about July
25th, 2018 when we requested that RV World perform
service on a new unit that we purchased which needed
some work. We asked you to look over the unit for
any problems before we took it on our first trip and
let us know but that we could not figure out what
was happening to the TV�s and there seemed to be a
problem with the driver�s side slide out as well.
Tyler called me prior and got my approval to make
the corrections and repairs to both issues which we
assumed would be remedied upon our return.

When we went to pick up the unit on July 30th after
hours the keys were supposed to be in one of the
storage compartments and they were not so I called
you the following day to pick up the keys. That
evening upon arrival the rigs brand new batteries
where dead so we could not pick up the unit until
the next evening as I did not have a ride the
following day. Upon contacting the both of you about
the frustration, we reported that the dome light was
left on for multiple days and was still on in the
truck when we came to get it. You both told us you
would charge the batteries and it would be ready to
go the following day which it was. So three days
later we finally were able to bring the rig home.
Neither of you seemed to care allot about our
concerns and treated me like I was a pain which I
thought was strange because that had never happened
in the past.

Fast forward to January 5th, 2019, we decided to
sell the unit and move into a truck and 5th wheel
for reasons that don�t really matter in this case.
We put the rig up for sale and upon the 1st showing
I tried to pull out the slide you worked on and it
basically dropped the slide guide out of the bottom
and broke it in half. This was not only embarrassing
it killed the sale. Upon this discover I got second
and third opinions not disclosing that it had been
worked on and they both confirmed that the guide had
be broken due to miss adjustment attempts and that
this is usually what caused these types of problems.
IO asked them if jostling going down the road would
cause this and they both said that it would not and
that it was so far out of adjustment that there was
not way driving would cause the problem. I
struggled for a few days on how to approach the both
of you because I have been in business for myself
for most of my adult life and never wanted to be
accused of cheating someone on service.

On or about January 14th 2019 on contact you Kim
and tried to discuss the situation over the phone. I
reiterated the TV�s seemed to be working fine but
the slide was a problem and considering the problems
we have had previously we did not trust in your
ability to make the fix on the slide because it was
in worse shape now than when we brought it to you.
You then became agitated and defensive and claimed
no wrong doing which in fact I never accused you or
your company of. I merely stated that we had a
problem that needed to be remedied and that I was
not comfortable having you look at my rigs any
further and that I would like a refund on that
portion of my bill which was about $350.00 according
to the tickets provided which were not very detailed
in what was done. It looked to be all labor and no

On January 21, 2019 at about 10:30AM I agreed to
bring the rig in to have you take a look. Tyler and
I walked outside and as soon as we got outside the
doors he made several accusations to the effect that
we had caused a problem with the slide. His
statement to me was �Don�t you think we test these
slides many times before we give them back to our
customers�? I responded that I was sure they did and
that seemed like a professional way to handle that
particular service. I then tried to state that I was
not there to try to get something for nothing but to
solve a problem with my rig that I could not sell
until fixed but Tyler made other accusations to the
effect that I was being dishonest and questioning my
integrity when I was only trying get a problem taken
care of for which you were hired to resolve. In any
case the conversation exploded into very
unproductive comments so I got in my rig a drove
away before things got worse. I was not treated with
any semblance of professionalism and was in shock at
what just accrued in a place of business.

This needs to be resolved and I need all service
reports and any service photos that were taken on
the work approved on the slide. I am kindly
requesting as a step to resolve the situation to our
satisfaction a refund of $350.00 because the repairs
were not made to the slide as agreed and considering
what occurred today I have no desire to utilize your
service moving forward. I have included a self
addressed, stamped envelope to you to place this
information with a check payable to Mike Burns. I
will allow for 10 days before I need to take further
action to remedy the situation up to and including
informing BBB and filing a complaint, filing for
legal action in small claims for which I will seek
ALL expenses incurred and will be entitled to legal
fees, and using all social media platform to let the
public know how I was treated. I am deeply
disappointed that we could not come to a
satisfactory agreement.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   8/1/2016
  Work Done on:   Class B
  Service Performed:   Refrigerator service
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Charged me $400 for diagnostics and then did not give a diagnosis or repair. Did not have vehicle ready by end of day as agreed. Failed to reinstall screw
cap covers, lost them, and would not replace them.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   12/28/2015
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   There was no power getting to the generator to start. I knew it was a fuse somewhere but never would have found it on my own. They found it, fixed it and
didn't soak me for a bunch of diagnostics or the part. Also had them change the oil, air filter, and fuel filter on the generator. I provided the filters and they
got me in and out in about 5 hours.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   I wasn't traveling so I had made an appointment, which took about 1 month to get in for service but I wanted to find a trustworthy and reliable repair shop.
They exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be returning to them for service in the future
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   5/27/2009
  Company Contact:   Tyler, Amber, Kim
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   Various times; fresh water inlet replacement, Firestone airbag install, toad setup, faucet one touch replacements.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Stopped going to KC RV/CW in Longmont after 1 visit. Horrible customer service. RV World has outstanding customer service. Tyler is meticulous and does things as he would want them done on his rig. Will always be a repeat customer!
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent

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