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Camping World
8198 Gander Way, Roanoke, VA   24011
(888) 501-8405
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 37.359417   Longitude: -79.962781
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  Date of Service:   11/1/2020
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   It started a year ago , I had our camper there for 3 months getting
new axles leaf springs, by the time they completed work we were at
end of summer and only used it 1 day and parked it for the winter,
then took it out this year and motors on both sets of Electric landing,
microwave got very hot, slide wouldn�t work, it was there 2 months
and they called and said work was complete, the service person
wasn�t there went we picked it up and get home and found out that
they checked the back set of electric legs and they still don�t work,
piss poor service and management
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Poor
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   10/15/2017
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   leak in washer, inverter issue
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Great work Ellis knows what to do ...Tony tech very good job
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   8/22/2017
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Find and fix parasite voltage drop and Satellite issues.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Ellis, service adviser, Mr Glen Technician and Mr Tony Technician are so good at there jobs, found the problem.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   4/14/2017
  Work Done on:   Toad
  Service Performed:   Install parts to allow towing
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   If you are thinking about service work being done
here, think again. You would think that people who
only work on RV's would be professionals but that is
not the case here. Had to order parts two weeks
ahead of time (not a problem) but they did not order
all the parts required to do the job. Charged me for
more than twice the man hours it took to install the
parts they did have. Charged me 4 hours labor that
was not required, more than $400.00.

Don't even think about it, go someplace else
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   5/20/2016
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Align awning arm that would not close. Replace A/C under extended warranty, would not cool.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Charged $64.50 diagnostic fee for awning and was told to just let it slam shut. Still doesn't close. Charged $64.50 to diagnose A/C, yep, it doesn't cool.
Replaced A/C but then needed new thermostat because old was not compatible. Charged $318 for thermostat available on internet for $50, plus $193 to
install thermostat where one existed before. Complaints at time of payment and over past 5 months to Camping World have not resolved the issue. Just gave
up and told them to forget it.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Fair
  Date of Service:   2/1/2016
  Work Done on:   Class B
  Service Performed:   Waste pump fixed
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Just a horrible experience. I drove my RV to Camping World of Roanoke to get a waste pump fixed. At the service desk, they told me if I joined the Good
Sam's Club, I would receive 25% off labor and parts. They said labor was $125 an hour, so I said OK and they escorted me to the front to buy a
membership. So far so good; but that was the end of good!!

The repair took 4 hours, but it was there over a month. They never returned my calls; you could say they had poor communication; but that would imply
there was some communication, along the way.Finally, I got a call and it was ready-- great. I went out to pick it up and was presented with a bill that was
about 36% over the estimate. Upon examination, I saw there was no promised discount of 25% anywhere, and I had been charged about $80 for a BS supply
surcharge--this was not in the original estimate either. I questioned the person, and I could tell she was very uncomfortable about the bill. She stated that
the computer made the decisions about the Good Sam's discounts, not her. She was the same person that sold me the membership and offered the 25%
discount to start with; I guess the computer changed its and her mind.

Exasperated, I asked for the keys and the RV. She gave me the keys and pointed down the road to a muddy unimproved grassy lot. I waded through 5
inches of mud to get the RV and initially got stuck. There was a full concrete curb I had to drive over to get out, which scrapped my undercarriage. One
hell of a mess - adding insult to injury.

After I cooled off for a couple of days, I called the service manager and left detailed messages 3 times; he never returned my call. So it looks like I made 2
mistakes--using Camping World and buying that membership. Now. I receive flyers from Camping World and Good Sam's on a regular basis; they just
remind me of my horrible experience and raise my blood pressure! Never Again.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   9/30/2013
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   We had a tow system and two TVs installed on a used Class C.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Camping World did a poor quality job on TV installation and placed one too close to wall and couldn't open DVD player. Some of the wiring
installed on tow system was wrong and almost damaged our electrical system, had to take to car dealer to diagnose and fortunately CW found
their loose wire, but didn't really accept responsibility for causing the problem. Poor quality, poor training in electrical/electronic areas of service,
very little accountability, rarely will return phone calls or emails, difficult to trust their work. Camping World has some friendly sales folks in store
and camper sales and the service estimators are friendly. Their prices for service are high, plus you have to pay for their mistakes in their extra
labor time and repeat returns to Camping World to repair their work. It seems they are too focused on making sales that they sacrifice the quality
of service, trust, and customer satisfaction.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   4/5/2012
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Repair of broken commode and empty black tank that was 2/3 full of sewage.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   On 4/6/2012 I went to pick up my motor home that I purchased at Camping World on Jan 28,2012. They had replaced the commode but the monitor still registered that the black tank had sewage in it and the smell was bad. When I got it home I checked and they never dumped the tank. When I bought it it was like that and I took it back and they did not fix it and gave it back to me that way. Sorry place of business and they don't mind ripping people off.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   3/17/2012
  Company Contact:   800-626-3636
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Repair commode, cables for TV antenna, repair noisy brakes, empty 2/3 full black tank, fix air conditioner on top of coach and on the chase, repair the check engine light, repair the gas gauge on the motor home, suppose to dewinterize and check the water lines.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Received a call on 3/28/2012 that part of work was finished and I could come and pick it up. When I got there none of the work was done. I have complained to the head office but nothing seems to do any good.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   6/25/2011
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   I had my RV there several times in the summer of 2011. They installed tires completely wrong, worked on electrical problems creating worse ones,
charged for roof coating and generator service they did not peform, left debris inside which destroyed the tile floor as it got under rollers of slide-
out, cracked housing of search-light and more, and then charged me over $10,000 for these horrible repairs. Small damage body repair and partly
the control pad for the leveling system were the only things done half-way correct, and for those they way overcharged me!
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Altogether Camping World almost killed me and my wife by doing such poor repair work that the resulting irratic swinging of the coach back and
forth on mountain roads could have been fatal.

They kept our RV for weeks after we told them how important it was to get it for my wife to use it to travel to her dying mother, and when I came
back for it the first time I just left it after inspecting all the repairs which had not been completed. Aside from that of all the items they "repaired"
only a couple were actually somewhat fixed, the rest was either not done or done so poorly it needed to be done again, and tire change and
electrical work as well as carelessness resulted in lots of additional damages to my RV! I would NEVER recommend anyone has ANY work done at
Camping World in Roanoke EVER!!!
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   1/13/2011
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Brought in for a State Inspection and to have the motorhome checked over because I recently purchased it. They found some stuff wrong and gave me a price to fix. Not all of the items were fixed that they said. Tech said I needed a turn signal switch, that was not available anymore. This motorhome is a Winnebago and they are a Winnebago dealer. So I called Winnebago myself and ordered the part. Cost over $100.00 with shipping. Tech found out after taking the switch out that it was a wire broken and not the switch. Also they were supposed to check the water system for leaks. After I got home the toilet was leaking. I spent over $2100.00 for very poor repairs. Never will go back. GM said for me to come back and he would make it up to me. Thats a JOKE..............
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Very poor repairs. Everyone there is lacking in knowledge of RV's and customer service. Technicians are sloppy. I think they will hire anyone. Worst place I have ever been for RV service.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   8/9/2010
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Replace TV antennae
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Work was done well and quickly, but we were charged for 90 minutes labor and it only took 35 minutes. Explanation was that they charge the "book rate".
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Good
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   4/13/2010
  Company Contact:   Kim Kovac
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Install brake controller, state inspection, routine maintenance
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Work took a day longer than promised. They failed to perform the oil change requested (didn't charge me for it). They would have done it but I needed it back for a trip. Brake controller installation was very well done - neat and clean.
  Value of Service:   Good
  Quality of Service:   Good

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