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Ultimate Automotive Repair
Florence Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ   86312
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 34.61   Longitude: -112.32
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  Date of Service:   10/1/2008
  Work Done on:   Tow Vehicle
  Service Performed:   Transmission and Engine
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   In late 2007 I was told by Ultimate Automotive Repair in Prescott Valley, Arizona that my 1993 Toyota 4X4 truck needed a new transmission. Since I had been using that shop for quite some time, and trusted them, I had them repair the transmission and clutch, and was charged $5,200. A few months later I had been taking the truck back over and over because of a "ping" in the engine. Each time I picked it up the ping was still there, and ultimately the shop owner claimed my truck needed a new engine. I told him to make sure the engine is NEW. The Toyota dealership told me that no new engines are available any more for this year of a Toyota truck, and when I told the Ultimate Auto shop owner this, he said "they just don't know where to look". This already made me suspicious but I told him to go ahead and install the engine. Right from the start, there were constant problems with that "new" engine, and I had to take the truck back over and over. Each time I asked the shop owner if he is sure the engine is "new", because a new engine should not have so many problems, and he swore that it is. I also begged him numerous times over a 6 month period to give me a warranty and each time he had an excuse. He never furnished a warranty, and when I finally told him he was leaving me no other options than to contact an attorney, he said that since I "threatened him" with an attorney, he now will do absolutely nothing more. So without a warranty, whenever another mechanic works on the engine, which is still giving me problems, I have to pay for the repairs. I am in the process of having the entire truck checked out by at least two very good, reputable shops, and so far it has been noted that the VIN number on the engine was scratched off and another number scratched on, and oil is leaking from the engine very badly. Also, supposedly the only thing that looks "new" on the transmission is the clutch, and that the rest of the transmission looks as if "it has been there forever". The truck is still being investigated and reports are being written about what is found, and so far the transmission needs to be looked at a whole lot more, as well as the engine .... and that will be done during the first week of April 2009. Also, I've been told several times already by very reputable shops that my truck most likely did not need an engine replacement; that most likely all it needed was a good tune-up or "valve job", and that Toyota's normally run for over 250,000 miles without ever needing any major engine work (my truck had 140,000 miles on it when Ultimate told me it needed a new engine). Ultimate Automotive charged over $4,800 for the so-called "new" engine, which is definitely not new, and since the VIN number has been scratched off, it could feasibly even be a stolen engine. I am not implying that Ultimate stole an engine, but I've been informed that rebuilt engines are being shipped from the Orient to the US, so who knows the background of this particular engine. In a period of less than a year, Ultimate Automotive has made over $10,000 on me and the shop owner has consistently lied about the engine. I've never questioned him about the transmission, although I took the truck back to him several times due to a noise somewhere in the transmission. Who knows, it could be discovered now that the transmission is not new either. That shop looks impressive and they talk a good line ........ but everyone needs to be warned after what was done to me.

Update 4/1/2009:
I had the truck checked out thoroughly by a very reputable shop in Sedona, Arizona, and they documented everything, and took lots of pictures.

They could barely get it up the small hills when they picked it up at my home. The engine is definitely not new, as I had suspected right from the beginning. The VIN number was taken off and another number scratched on, oil is leaking very badly, the compression on all cylinders is way below normal, one valve is not working at all, and the list goes on and on. The shop owner has it all documented very well, plus he took lots of pictures. Also, the so-called new transmission that Ultimate Automotive installed before the engine is not working right, and they charged $5,200 for the transmission. Between the engine and transmission, they charged $10,000.

The truck is in bad shape, and I was told the so-called new engine that Ultimate installed needs to be taken out and a good rebuilt engine needs to be put in, and as soon as possible. This is a very, very serious thing that Ultimate Automotive Repair of Prescott Valley, AZ did to my truck ...... no doubt it's fraud.

Update 4/17/2009:
By all indications, the bad engine that Ultimate Automotive installed into my truck has to be replaced, and will cost most likely at least another $5,000. I definitely will NOT EVER let Ultimate work on ANY vehicle of mine. My truck now barely runs. The police are now involved, because an attorney said I have at least 4-5 cases against that shop: fraud, theft, misrepresentation, breach of contract, etc., etc. One TV station so far also is showing some interest in airing this.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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