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Camping World
505 Parkway 575, Woodstock, GA   30188
(770) 591-3622
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 34.0892904   Longitude: -84.5312446
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  Date of Service:   6/28/2018
  Company Contact:   Todd Wilson
  Work Done on:   Tow Vehicle
  Service Performed:   Under extended warranty (cost $1,000+), several lights did not work (AND STILL DO NOT WORK), broken toilet seat, refrigerator
drip pan loose, and bad battery. Basically, we were charged $560 for "diagnosis" for very limited work actually done. They
charged $27 to tell me a lightbulb was not working.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   TERRIBLE. Do not trust these people. They did not do what they said they would do. Go somewhere else. Do not get scammed like
we did.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Date of Service:   2/1/2017
  Company Contact:   Matt Brown
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   This was supposed to be simple warranty work. The
work was approved by Thor and parts were ordered.
They kept our unit for over 6 months and finally
after getting some help from Thor headquarters
Customer Service Dept. Camping World completed the
work. The simple replacement of the back splash
behind the stove top was very improperly done. The
'technician' actually drove nails into the RV wall
instead of glueing the backsplash in place as
directed by the Thor guideline. The USB charger port
in the dash and the toilet paper holder were NOT
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Shoddy and improperly done.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   5/12/2015
  Company Contact:   Mike Lawrence
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Replaced rear bed leg with retrofitted panel. Work done under warranty.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   My comments here are two-fold: The experience leading up to the repair and the repair itself. My new Winnebago came with a badly designed rear bed
leg, which has been subsequently updated in later builds. I contacted Winnebago and they agreed to replace the older design. I went to this dealership in
person and spoke with the person who handles warranty repairs who complemented me on getting the front end work done and said she would contact
them and order the part. Unfortunately it took 3 phone calls over the next 3 weeks to actually get this done.

When the part came in I scheduled a "waiter" (i.e. same day) repair as Winnebago said it was a one hour job. The repair took more than an hour but I found
out that the dealership had not been shipped all the parts. The Tech left the facility and went to Home Depot and got the missing hinges and installed
them without incident. I appreciated them going the extra mile for a problem not of their making.

Bottom line, like so many Camping World's this facility is overmatched in terms of having a too long waiting list and limited service facilities. It needs
expanding as it has no room to grow in its present location. I have consistently dealt with Mike Lawrence and he has been done the best he could, in my
opinion, given the resources present.

Marcus, if you are reading this, take a moment to visit your facility here and do some of the same things you do on your show - give them the resources to
be successful.
  Value of Service:   Fair
  Quality of Service:   Fair
  Date of Service:   1/24/2015
  Company Contact:   1954
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Body work and paint from blown left front tire.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   9/12/2014
  Work Done on:   Class A - Gasoline
  Service Performed:   Jack repair.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   This place is awful, they will keep your RV forever, charge an arm and a leg, and the work won't be done properly. Is there a rating lower than POOR?
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   6/15/2013
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Normal service, oil changes generator and engine, repair minor interior.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Left the RV for work, after 4 weeks nothing had been done except they backed a trailer into the front of the RV on the lot, causing extensive front end
damage. Also, electric steps were working fine when dropped off, later they said step motor had failed and needed a new motor!

AVOID this Camping World at all costs! They will keep your RV for months, DAMAGE it, and not repair items properly!!!
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   10/1/2008
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   We asked them to diagnose an electrical problem and change the oil in the generator. The GFI would throw every time the generator shut down and we wanted to see if this could be fixed. This problem was never diagnosed. The service manager told us that the only problem that they could find was a dead battery. They did an oil change in the generator and installed a new battery.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   When we got our motor home back to the house, we found the battery compartment door and the storage compartment door were left open, the heater was left on, and all the LP drained from the previously half full tank. The oil was overfilled to the top of the generator. The fill line on the dipstick was ignored. The cap and the wing nut for the air filter was missing. The GFI still throws every time the generator cuts off. For and oil change and a new battery we were charged $300. No diagnosis of the electrical problem was ever made.

They never apologized about the missing cap to the air filter or for overfilling the oil tank on the generator, or for leaving the compartment doors unlatched nor did they offer to reimburse for burning up all the LP. They said they would replace the air filter cover.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor

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