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Rex and Sons RV
College Road, Wilmington, NC   28401
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 34.198318   Longitude: -77.888624
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  Date of Service:   9/12/2014
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Purchase of RV and Installation of 5th wheel hitch.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Bottom line is that I am ok with someone being wrong or making a mistake. I am not ok with someone blatantly lying to me. First, to be upfront, Rex &
Sons did in the end refund everything I argued for. However, they only did so both times after I caught them with the hand in the cookie jar.

When we bought our RV, we wanted a dishwasher installed. This required removal of a few drawers and some cutting to get it to fit. My wife told them
that she wanted the drawers that they took out for future spare parts. The dealer did not have the dishwasher in stock and told us that it would take a
bit to get it in (think it was about 2 weeks). I was going to pick our unit up on a Friday, and found out that week that they would have the dishwasher
installed by the time I got there to pick it up (which saved me an extra drive of several hours for an extra trip). On pickup, I was told by Jonathan that the
drawers were destroyed during the installation process when I asked about them.

A day or two later, when we noticed that there were screw holes in the wall where the slides for the drawers used to be, we realized that they could not
have been destroyed. So, we called and talked to someone else and were told that they had removed the dishwasher from another model and had taken
my drawers and installed them in that model so that it did not have a gaping hole. Talking to Jonathan again, I told him that we wanted our drawers, but
were ok with waiting for them to order new drawers or a dishwasher for the other model so they did not have a gaping hole. They then offered us a
refund of a few hundred bucks for the drawers. We decided the hassle was not worth it and took the refund.

Next, we had to register our trailer thru them, but we were doing it in a different state. We did all of the paperwork and talking with Jonathan, he said that
they had never done that before, so I might have to resign some stuff, or it was possible the fees might change. I told him that I was fine with that, if it
ended up costing more, to let me know and I would send the money to him for it. Well, this all seemed to work smoothly. I got my plates, registration and
DMV information. I had already had this for about a week or so, and am looking at it and notice that it says �refund of $159 sent to Rex & Sons�. So, I
called them on a Monday (13 days after the date on my letter). Jonathan gave me a song and a dance about how they usually win some and lose some on
doing DMV registrations, they had the cost of sending the documents overnight and some other stuff of that nature. He was basically trying to make it
sound like they spend a lot of money getting the registration done and actually lose money doing this. So I told him that I was confused and asked if they
normally send the fee they collect from me for processing documents to the DMV and just hope for a refund to avoid losing money. He pretty much
repeated what he said before. I tried to pin him down again on an answer, but this time I added in there that I was pretty sure in my contract they had
already charged me for those kinds of fees in addition to the money for DMV registration. At this point, Jonathan told me that he was just going to send
me the entire $159, and mumbled something about not being worth an argument. He then threw in the comment that they had just received this check on
the previous Friday.

In my contract, it says $295 for Doc Fee. It also says $270 Paid to public officials, including filing fees. They actually only sent $190, and were given a
$159 refund. So, by my math, the cost of shipping should be out of the $295 doc fee. And they still made $105 from my filing fee that should actually be
refunded to me because it was for filing fees, not for extra profit to them.

So, we were lied to about the drawers and it was only resolved after we received more information and confronted them with it. And while we were not lied
to about the refund, there was no effort to tell us about a refund, and I have zero doubt that there would never have been any effort to do so.

I also called my home state DMV (I am active duty military) to ask them when the check cleared thru them. I talked to Jonathan on Monday, the 20th of
October. He told me he had received the check on Friday, the 17th of October. The check was sent out on the 7th of October, and it cleared the Montana
DMV on the 20th of October. So, I am 95% sure that I was also lied to about when he received this check to make it seem like he was not trying to steal my
money, but I guess it is possible that they received the check on a Friday in North Carolina, and it cleared the DMV in Montana on the following
Monday��..yeah, right.

On top of all that, we already had 2003 F350, but only with a 5.4 gas engine in it. We bought more RV than that truck could handle. We purchased a
Cedar Creek 36CKTS. The empty weight is 12,230 LBS, and the GVWR is 16,500 LBS. We had an 18k 5th wheel hitch installed in our truck at Rex�s. After
towing this home, we discovered that we did not have enough truck (torque) to pull this RV. So, we got a different truck (2008 Dodge 3500 diesel) and had
our hitch swapped over. We had the hitch swapped a place nearer to where we live. When we picked up the new truck, we noticed that it had a lot more
bolts in it than the old hitch. I asked the folks at the new place about it and they said that they follow the manufacturer guidelines for the installation.
Rex�s installed an 18k hitch with 4 half-inch bolts. The new place used 10 half-inch bolts. Their opinion was that the 4 bolts was nowhere near enough
sheer rating for safely towing a 16,500 LB RV.

Our salesman did seem straight up with us and helped us get what we were looking for at a good price, so I will give Paul good marks for his integrity and
service. But the other issues with Rex & Sons overwhelm that and earn a double poor rating from me.
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   5/26/2008
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Needed the recall work done on our Dometic fridge. Although we live in Virgina, we were passing by on our way to the beach. Called in advance and arranged to stop by on our way to the campground.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Work was done quickly. We were on our way within 30 minutes.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent

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