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Augusta RV
802 Industrial Park Dr, Evans, GA   30809
Email Address: [email protected]
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 33.5567109   Longitude: -82.1144644
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  Date of Service:   6/16/2020
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Air Force One installed, 2020 F150 converted to toad
with Blue Ox baseplate and AF1 installed on truck and
2020 Tiffin Allegro RED. Full complete installation
to enable towing of F150.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Clint took the time to call Ford to ensure the AF1
was installed correctly and that the warranty on the
one week old truck was not voided in any way. He
also called Tiffin to ensure he tapped into the air
brake line properly. On our initial conversation it
seemed that Augusta RV did not install many AF1's,
but after pulling the toad now for nearly 3 months
it works as advertised. Clint called me on the
second day and asked if he could have one more day
since he had someone who absolutely needed their
camper that day. We were in no hurry so we picked
it up the next morning. Everything was connected up
when we arrived and received a full walk through
prior to leaving. Dealt with Clint about 10 years
on a camper when he was at another dealership, so
felt comfortable with this work. I probably could
have gotten a cheaper price but would have had to
drive some distance, but having dealt with Clint and
Augusta RV is local I had no issues whatsoever with
my decision.
  Value of Service:   Very Good
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   4/16/2014
  Company Contact:   Clint or Richard
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Replaced house batteries, oil change on engine and generator.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent, Augusta RV will keep the customer informed on the progress of the work and make recommendations as to the most effective and efficient
ways of making a repair or improvement. I have used them for years and will continue!
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Be sure to read the Service Provider Response to this review at the end  
  Date of Service:   7/8/2011
  Work Done on:   Toy Hauler
  Service Performed:   Replace Power Distribution Panel and Convertor and check every thing electrically due to lightning damage. This was an insurance job.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Allstate Insurance and I paid to have a new panel/converter assembly installed and check out everything due to a recent storm. Augusta RV did not replace the old panel with the new one; they only took parts out of the new one and installed them in the old one to make it work. By doing this, they voided my two year manufacturer warranty on the new panel. I was told they did this because it was easier on the mechanic. When I got the RV back the A/C circuit breaker tripped 12 times in the first week, the power cord plug was burned by the lightning strike and was not replaced, this was the cause of "high" amps and tripping out the A/C. They did not check out the heater electrically, as I was told you cannot do that in warm weather. It is now August 2, 2011, and I have replace the power cord plug in myself, found a bad switch in the water heater, still do not know if the heater works yet. By the way, I contacted Allstate to let them know that they did not get what they paid for and thus was defrauded. I was told as far as they were concerned, they paid a claim, it was closed and filed. We are now seeking a new insurance company.
Be sure to read Service Provider Response below
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]
  Service Provider Response:  
To: RV Service Reviews
[email protected]

Subject: Review dated 7/8/2011 by Mr. Charles Miller

It is a shame but a cold hard fact that in today�s economic crisis there are a lot of people that expect someone else to pay to fix their repairs. I see so many people attempt to claim repairs on insurance when it really is their responsibility. Mr. Miller called me on 7/6/2011 and told me that the camper he was living in had been hit by lightning and now his 12 volt lighting was going out. He needed us to repair his camper in one day so he could be able to stay back in it that night. I asked Mr. Miller to have his camper here at 9:00 am on 7/7/2011 so we could accommodate his time constraints. Mr. Miller agreed and even drove to Augusta RV on the afternoon of the 6th so he would be able to find us easily the next morning. Well; Mr. Miller showed up just after lunch on the 7th with a camper that was trashed on the inside. He then told us that his daughter had been living in the camper and he was going to be moving into it after we got it repaired.

Mr. Miller instructed Augusta RV to check and repair the electrical system for lightning damage and repair a small tear on the roof then contact his insurance company with an estimate for the repairs. Augusta RV checked all the electrical outlets, they tested good; check the refrigerator, it tested good pulling 2.7 amps; checked the converter, tested bad with no 12 volt DC output; checked the roof air conditioner, tested good pulling 12.0 amps; check the water heater, the ECO (emergency cut off) limit switch was bad. Augusta RV replaced the converter and it was now outputting 13.6 volts DC; replaced the ECO and the water heater was now pulling 10 amps; and patched the small hole on the roof. The invoice total was $527.29, $218.50 being labor (2.3 hours).

The converter that Augusta RV replaced was a WFCO Ultra III 30 amp converter. This converter is installed by many of the manufacturers in the industry mainly because of its low
cost but we see a fair amount of failures on this economy priced electrical part. It is normal procedure to replace the converter main board (the main guts of the converter) and not replace the empty AC breaker bus due to the extended time in rewiring all the AC breakers. This �panel� that Mr. Miller discusses is nothing more than an empty plastic box that has an empty AC breaker bus mounted in the back of it (no new breakers). It is ridiculous to replace this bus unless it is damaged and his was not. The air conditioner was working good and pulling 12 amps when we checked it. My technicians ran the air conditioner the entire time they worked on the camper. Remember it was July 7th.

We faxed the claim estimate with Allstate Insurance but there was no way they could process and pay the claim under Mr. Miller�s time restraints of one day. Mr. Miller was to owe his $250 deductible and the insurance company to pay the $277.29 balance. Mr. Miller should have paid me the full $527.29 at that time before taking possession of his camper and then the insurance company would send him a check for their portion. Mr. Miller had no money. Mr.
Miller wrote me a check for his amount and requested that I hold his check till the 15th because he had no money in his account. Mr. Miller called the insurance company and complained to them and they requested that I let him leave on a promise that their check would be mailed to me soon. Augusta RV did not follow standard policy and we let Mr. Miller leave with his camper with out payment. He wrote me a known bad check with and a promise that the insurance �checks in the mail�. I bent over backwards to accommodate Mr. Millers time constraints and money issue and then he complains about our service. Wow what gratitude
for the quick repair that we did for him.

Mr. Miller is confused about his converter warranty policy. Mr. Miller still has a warranty on his converter; Augusta RV�s repair did not void his warranty. All he needs to do is to keep his receipt. Mr. Miller did not have any problems with his air conditioner until five days after leaving Augusta RV. He called me when he started having problems and we discussed it. I contacted the insurance company to see if the air conditioner was their liability, they said no. It is very typical to see campers with worn out power cords due to being plugged into worn out distribution boxes and low voltage at campgrounds. I bet that half the campers with 30 amp shore power cords stored at Augusta RV have worn out power cords. It is because they run the air conditioner extensively while camping, not because of lightning. This is also what wears out the breakers.

The bottom line is that Mr. Miller had common problems with his camper and I do not believe that any of them were caused by a storm. It�s called normal wear and tear. Mr. Miller feels that someone else should pay for his repairs and when the insurance company would not pay, he got upset. I asked him to bring the camper back and I would help him with the repairs but he never brought it back. Mr. Miller called me in July and asked that I save the �panel� for him and I did. As of today (10/5/2011) it is still sitting on the shelf waiting on him to come pick it up. It�s not worth anything but he can have it. I later found out that the insurance company was upset with Mr. Miller because he was arguing with them because they would not pay his motel bill. On the 7th he stayed in a motel instead of his camper. He said he did not have time to set the camper back up after having it repaired. I stand behind our repair. I work VERY hard to have a great reputation and one person like Mr. Miller can hurt my nine years of hard work so easily. I want this letter posted with his bad review and let the readers make up their mind who did the right thing.

Thank you,
Richard H. Fender, Jr.
  Date of Service:   5/9/2007
  Company Contact:   Richard H. Fender, Jr. Owner
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Repaired the valve in my Thetford Toilet and repaired my Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar. I will take it there this week to have the passenger window behind the couch replaced. The gasket between the panes has come up and Tiffin will replace the Window and cover the labor.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Excellent.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]

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