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North Trail RV
5270 Orange River Blvd, Fort Myers, FL   33905
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 26.6816393   Longitude: -81.7996716
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  Date of Service:   4/11/2017
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   Calling all Class A Coach Owners!! If you have had, or are going to have North Trails RV do service maintenance, please
SPECS FOR Freightliner or Cummins? Are they the recommended filters that freightliner or Cummins specs?
I own a 44 foot diesel pusher on a Freightliner Chassis with a Cummins 450 HP engine. I took my Coach in for its 12 month
maintenance, along with my Freightliner Check off List for work to be performed. I also emailed this list to North Trails
RV service center prior to my appointment, so it was clear what I wanted done. I thought it best to email the list so all
the work would be performed, as they did not do ¾’s of the work that was supposed to be done at my 6 month service.
I agreed to also have my 3 AC units serviced. I picked up my coach the next evening right at closing and first noticed
that the solution they used to clean my AC units had run down the side of my coach and down the rim of my tire. The
solution was not rinsed off, at all, and the solution etched my body paint and my rim. I alerted my service person and did
not hear back. I then crawled under my Coach and noticed an unfamiliar Fuel Separator Filter they put on. I knew for sure
it was not the filter Freightliner or Cummins specs, or recommends, so I looked up the specs on the filter. AND Bingo, it
was NOT a filter that either would recommend.
Cummins and Freightliner for my coach spec a 10 MICRON filter, North Trails RV put on a 20 MICRON filter. I made several
calls, several emails, and even sent the specs required for my coach to North Trails RV. I talked with the “Manager” of
the Chassis Dept, and he told me that a 20 micron filter is better than a 10 MICRON. Well apparently he does not know what
microns mean, or what filter should be on my coach. He was supposed to call back, but never did. Neither did his manager
that I left a message with. All I wanted was the correct spec’d filter put on. So sad.
After weeks of me supplying all the specs, emails from Freightliner and all the correct information, to honor my simple
request, my service person called me to tell me that is was the correct filter. WRONG answer and more importantly the
WRONG filter was installed by North Trail RV.
For your info and for my coach : Cummins specs FS1065 (10micron) or FS19798 (10micron), depending on the bowl used.
Freightliner specs RAI S3226T (10micron, which supersedes the R50419). North Trails RV put on FS19593 (20microns), a filter
not spec’d or recommended by Freightliner or Cummins.

So I suggest you all crawl under your coach and see what filters were installed by North Trail RV, who supposedly is a
Freightliner Oasis Center. It is unfortunate that such a simple issue could have been resolved, but then you the reader of
this review would not know to be proactive!!!!! So for that I am happy to pass my negative experience along to all! Don’t
forget to crawl under and check those filters. And if they do not meet your Engine or Chassis spec’s do not plan on getting
the correct one put on by North Trail RV. So unfortunate.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Poor
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   1/17/2017
  Work Done on:   Class C
  Service Performed:   Tried for 4 months to have some warranty work done there. This included awning, slide, tire valve extension, replacement of a
gauge, a leak and electronic door lock.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Our salesperson was wonderful and no problem there. The service department very nice but after 3 attempts only work complete
was tire valve extension (2nd try) and slide. We live out of town, but every time we went or called we were told that they
didn't have the parts but would get them in. After several trips and numerous calls, we gave up. Our service rep on the
last two occasions told us he would check on it and call us back that day. It is a month later and we still never received a
call. Don't waste your time. They are obviously too busy to care about their customers
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Date of Service:   2/11/2016
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   I have to give two thumbs up to North Trail RV in Fort Myers. We purchased a new class A two weeks ago. Our salesman named Doyle, is a wonderful
southern gentlemen who knows the class A product very well. Today we had an appointment to have some warranty work done. Everything was on
time and fixed to our satisfaction. Service men were very friendly. While waiting, we walked outside and ran into Doyle. He offered us his car to go get
some lunch, which we had brought our own lunch. Then he offered to take us in his golf cart to anywhere in the dealership. ( it's a huge place). We
declined, explaining we just wanted to walk around. He talked with us for quite a while. We highly recommend Doyle Howard for your salesman if your
shopping at North Trail RV. Many times, you hear of bad reports for dealerships. Most folks that have good experiences, don't take the time to say so.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Work was done and they did a great job. There are some recalls on the coach, so they ordered the parts, and we will be going back in a couple of weeks to
have them installed.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   12/16/2014
  Work Done on:   5th Wheel Trailer
  Service Performed:   There was a small tear in the rubber roof and the roof had to be replaced.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   The work was completed and the roof doesn't leak! What more could I ask for? They kept in touch with me to let me know how the work was progressing. It
was not completed by the date promised but they again called and we agreed on a new date.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   6/1/2006
  Work Done on:   Travel Trailer
  Service Performed:   Generator would shut off after running for a couple hours. Roof was torn when tree fell onto it.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   I took our Raptor Toy Hauler into the trailer service department at North Trail RV to have the generator repaired and get an estimate on the roof replacement. I live 3 hours away so I decided to leave it over night. I called the following day to see how long they would expect it to take and they told me 3 days. I was surprised it was so quick after hearing horror stories from all my friend that use other RV dealerships. I then asked how long for the roof to be replaced and they said "3 days like we said." When I told them I meant the generator issue they told me "Oh, that has already been fixed." I told them I would be down the following day to pick up my trailer and I will have the roof repaired after Hurricane Season in case I get more damage. When I got to my unit the following day I was approached by the Service manager and he told me they had a huge downpour the night before and found a small leak from my roof damage. Upset and thinking I would have to have the roof fixed at that time and spend money he proceeded to tell me that they patched the roof and made the unit water tight. I thanked him and asked how much that would cost. He told me they did it as a courtesy. I could not be happier with North Trail and recommend them to everyone I know that owns an RV. I will be returning soon to have my roof replaced.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Date of Service:   12/24/2005
  Work Done on:   Class A - Diesel
  Service Performed:   2004 DSDP 3807
Several visits over the last 22,000 miles for the following:
Normal scheduled maintenance;Spartan recall for air; Defective ATS switch; Replace motor and sensor for a too sensitive Weather Pro awning; Replace step cover motor. Install in-motion satellite system.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   Work was always done in a courteous, timely and competent manner. Only had to leave motor home over night one time and that was for the satellite installation. I had called them up the same day to see if they had time to do it. Didn't get there until 1:00 PM so they said it would be ready the next day.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Email Address of Reviewer:   [email protected]

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