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Leisure Time RV
SR 50, Winter Garden FL, Winter Garden, FL   34787
Email Address: admin@leisuretimerv.com
Location on Google Maps           Latitude: 28.5510607   Longitude: -81.5841052
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  Date of Service:   9/19/2009
  Company Contact:   SHERRI ALLEN, General Manager and Controller
  Work Done on:   Pop-up Trailer
  Service Performed:   "Yearly Maintenance", safety inspection of all systems including tires, wheel bearings (clean and repack and new seals), propane system, appliance and more.
The completed maintenance checklist indicated all safety and major systems were good and working specifically the tires were wearing even and inflated to 50 psi. Wheel bearings were repacked and new seals were installed.
  Evaluation of Service Performed:   By their OWN Shop supervisor's 2nd opinion, the tires were NOT wearing properly, were under inflated (only 40 psi) and did not appear safe and he admitted they used faulty tire pressure gauge.

From a third party (National Tire Company) inspection two days later, the tires were deemed not safe for highway use, were over 10 years old, both wheel bearing dust caps had fallen off and the wheel bearings were filled with both OLD and new grease, the seals did appear to be new so at best it was sub-standard work. The propane stove had NOT been tested even though it was stated it had been. It would be only my speculation to assume the other items were done correctly or even done at all.

Be sure to read Service Provider Response below
  Value of Service:   Poor
  Quality of Service:   Poor
  Service Provider Response:  
Leisure Time RV, Florida

Date of service provided: 9/19/2009

We have already been addressing this customer's complaint through the BBB. However, as on your forum and others, the customer has misrepresented the facts. Rather than describe the entire incident - I will provide you with a
response we have developed for the BBB (see below). One item included in the customer's complaint - that the propane stove had not been tested was not even reported to the BBB and is categorically UNTRUE. The customer assumed because we disconnected the lines and resealed them after the inspection that the work had not been performed. He never allowed us to demonstrate that all the work had been done (see attached letter) and simply assumed the check had not been performed because we left the lines as he had
brought the vehicle in - disconnected. Many customers prefer this and we simply try to leave things as close to what the customer prefers as possible.

Kent Allen

Kent Allen
IT Manager
Leisure Time RV
14100 W. Colonial Dr.
Winter Garden, FL 34787
Tel. (407) 656-4300 (407) 656-4300

Better Business Bureau
1600 S. Grant Street
Longwood, FL 32750

RE: Randall Jackson
Case #04AB-BE5%

Dear Ms. Rivera:

This letter is in response to the above referenced complaint. On September 11, Mr. Jackson did bring his used 2000 Coleman Sedona camping trailer into our service department for a "yearly maintenance check." I have enclosed a copy of the Repair Order #36605, technician time flags and the Maintenance Checklist for Mr. Jackson's trailer. One of our RVIA Certified Technicians, who has over 10 years of experience, performed the work. His work is thoroughly documented on the Maintenance Checklist and this checklist was shown to Mr. Jackson when he picked up the trailer.

When Mr. Jackson initially spoke to our Parts & Service Director, Michelle Phillips, he discussed his tire concerns and told her he already had new tires on order. As to Mr. Jackson's complaints, when Mr. Jackson picked up
the trailer he did question that the technician who performed the work thought the tires were fine. Our Shop Foreman then looked at the tires with Mr. Jackson and after discussing his concerns, told him that were he about
to make a cross-country trip, that he would probably replace the tires because they were a little worn on the inside which could be a problem. He did NOT tell Mr. Jackson that the tires were bad. Unless tires have obvious
dry rot, have little or no tread or have obvious cracks, it can be a subjective opinion as to when tires should be replaced. I explained this to Mr. Jackson and stated that different people have different thresholds for their personal safety requirements. Also, since Mr. Jackson had already told us he was replacing the tires and, in fact, already had them on order, the issue seemed moot. I am sure that Discount Tire of Apopka, the "tire/wheel experts" had already recommended the tires be replaced. It
would appear he had reservations about their expert opinion as well.

After the tire discussion, Mr. Jackson became upset and told our Service & Parts Director that he didn't believe the technician had done any of the work so she offered to bring the vehicle into the shop and prove that the work had been done by re-measuring the lift system cable lengths, re-measuring the split temperature on the air-conditioner and pulling a wheel off to show him the new bearing grease and seals. He refused to let us show him. He immediately threatened to hurt our business through the
internet because "he is on a lot of forums."

When I spoke to Mr. Jackson on the phone, he called us liars and claimed he thought our technician had simply 'sat on a stool and made up the documentation.' He had NO response when I asked him why he had refused to
let us prove to him that the documented work was completed by replicating the technicians' results and showing him the new grease and seals. Apparently, he did not want his assertion to be proven incorrect. It is interesting that in his letter he now admits the wiring job was completed

I explained to Mr. Jackson that we have been in business since 1970, that our RV technicians are trained and Certified by the RVIA and that we spend a lot of money to ensure they are properly trained and qualified. When he
continued to assert that we were liars, I told him our conversation was over and terminated the conversation by telling him to have a nice day. Although I did not make any offer of resolution, he had been asked by our Parts &
Service Director at the time of his initial complaint what she could do that would satisfy him, but he only shook his head and walked out demanding to be called the following Monday, which I did.

At no time was I condescending nor did I ask why or even imply that he was wasting my time. I certainly did not tell Mr. Jackson that our Service Department was using defective equipment. I did tell him that we were in
the process of checking all of our technicians tire gauges to ensure they were all calibrated to read the same. Leisure Time RV has been in business for nearly 40 years and we take our customers' safety very seriously. Our
work is performed by trained RV technicians and supervised by a RVIA Certified Shop Foreman. Mr. Jackson's assertions, especially the greatly embellished assertions beyond his complaints to the BBB that he is now posting all over the internet, appear to be attempts to smear our excellent reputation.

As for what Mr. Jackson is asking for, we will not refund any money for the work performed. I will offer to repack the wheel that had the cap fall off on his way home and replace the cap. We have a 30 day warranty on all work


Sherri Allen
General Manager
Leisure Time RV
  Date of Service:   2/28/2005
  Company Contact:   Michelle Phillips
  Work Done on:   Class B
  Service Performed:   Repair/Replace water pump (under warranty - from another dealer)

  Evaluation of Service Performed:   I made contact with this company about a week before I came in to get the work done. Knowing up front it was warranty work and from another dealer....they were most obliging and great in fixing my problem. I was in and out in about 2 hours. I am impressed with the comments from other regular customers as to how great these folks do their work. I am now contemplating traveling back to have other work done when I am heading south.
  Value of Service:   Excellent
  Quality of Service:   Excellent
  Email Address of Reviewer:   ronjmoore@buggs.net

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